We’ve got special attitude to derbies

Wednesday, April 14, 2021



Live on Shakhtar News, defender Dodo commented on the upcoming derby vs Dynamo Kyiv, recalled the brightest victories over the Kyiv side and also told how the opponents have changed under the new coach

- Is your preparation for the match against Dynamo emotionally different from the way you prepare for other matches?

- It's the Clasico. We are well aware that it’ll be a really tough game. We’ve got a special attitude to all derbies, we prepare for them in a good mood and with a great desire to win. It will be a great opportunity to prove that we’re always ready to face strong opponents. In the match against Dynamo we’ll also try to show that our team is competent.


- You will act against Mykolenko on the flank. Many people call you the two best left-backs in the league, but what do you make of this encounter?

- I remember that my appearance for Shakhtar was also against Dynamo where I faced Mykolenko, if I am not mistaken, back in 2018. That meeting was a debut one for both of us. We’ve already met on the field, therefore we know each other's play. It's always nice to be one of the best, I hope that I will do better than him. I guess the rivalry will be interesting.


- Shakhtar claimed four wins last season and also defeated the Kyiv outfit in the first-stage match. Has the coach found a special way to beat Dynamo?

- The victories over Dynamo are among the most important for us. We always want to play against Kyiv and know how important it is for the club to defeat our arch-rivals. Our victories were absolutely deserved, we displayed some quality football back then. If I'm not mistaken, recently we’ve lost to Dynamo just in the Super Cup, but we won the UPL games. We will try to perform at the same level, and the game itself will then reveal it.


- How have Dynamo changed under Lucescu?

- Based on what I saw, I can say that not many things have changed. The team continue demonstrating quality football. I heard that Lucescu works out the physical component of each player thoroughly. I think the opponents have got even stronger.


- From the matches you appeared in against Dynamo, which one would you single out?

- Probably when we won 3-0. In that game, I provided an assist to Moraes. And there was also an important match in which I didn’t play, but was on the bench - the cup match which we won 2-1, with Facundo Ferreyra and Yaroslav Rakytskyy scoring goals.