Great win

Sunday, February 21, 2021



In his interview to Futbol 1 TV channel, Vitao shared his impressions of the game vs Rukh and commented on the spot-kick he earned

- In the first half, we failed to show our game. Thank God, Shakhtar left for the break being 1-0 up. In the second half, we already found the right strategy, scored another goal and claimed a great win.
- Please comment on the situation that led to awarding a penalty against Rukh. Did they foul on you?
- In training, we work out that kind of set pieces. Marlos delivered the ball into the box, and I had to head it goalwards. But they grabbed me, pushed me, tried to knock me down so that I couldn’t touch the ball. That’s a penalty case.
- Was that moment a turning point in the clash?
- In terms of the play, we were already close to scoring the second one. Probably the penalty just sped up what was about to happen.
- Did your opponents - the Lviv-based Rukh - surprise you?
- Yes, the opponents have got every attribute to deliver some great football. We knew that perfectly well, but we always prepare for each meeting as responsibly as possible and we don’t divide teams into easy and tough ones. The match was far from being easy, but most importantly we achieved an excellent result.