Come On, Let’s Play! project launched in Velyki Sorochyntsi

Wednesday, July 28, 2021



On July 27, they opened a Come On, Let’s Play! ground in the village of Velyki Sorochyntsi, Poltava region

In terms of geography, the Come On, Let’s Play! children's grassroots football project jointly implemented by Shakhtar Social and DTEK, covers 41 settlements in Ukraine.

About 20 children aged 7 to 12 from Velyki Sorochyntsi and two nearby villages of Kovalivka and Savyntsi took part in the opening of the new playground. Just like in other places, the guys and the coach were provided with footballs and the necessary equipment for training.

The event guest was Dmytro Shutkov, the legendary Shakhtar goalkeeper of the 1990-2000s, the current goalkeeping coach of Shakhtar women's team.

"I am glad to take part in the opening of the sports ground, to come and see that children have the opportunity to play football on a good, high-quality field and with a coach," Dmytro pointed out. "The guys have got the place to make the most of their vacation now. Firstly it’s interesting, secondly it’s a healthy lifestyle, and thirdly they’ll have a social circle. The guys will learn to overcome the workload and win. If it becomes the kids hobby, adults will will also follow them. For me, football has been my life from kindergarten to the present time."

In Velyki Sorochyntsi, the project was implemented with the support of DTEK Oil&Gas.

"Together with our partner DTEK that has an enterprise in this region, we opened a new site in Velyki Sorochyntsi and held an open training session. This settlement has become the 41st one within the Come On, Let’s Play! project," said Shakhtar Social’s Director Inna Khmyzova. "Together with DTEK, we create conditions for residents and children in the community. This is a great opportunity for them to play football for free. It is in such small settlements that children don’t have enough opportunities to go in for sports. But the most important thing in our project is not the sporting achievements, but the fact that kids visit our sites, enjoy training and come back over and over again."

The goal of Come On, Let’s Play! is development through sports, and football in particular. The training process was developed for children not only to improve their health, but also develop the qualities that are important both on the football pitch and in life.

"The Velyki Sorochyntsi territorial community is our partner – DTEK Oil&Gas has been cooperating with them for many years now. The Come On, Let’s Play! is an important project for the young generation, for children. An excellent playground has been opened here. We invited children, a coach and, together with Shakhtar Social, we financed this project for the community members," said Ostap Khodak, a representative of DTEK Oil&Gas.