Shakhtar defenders sealed off spaces well

Friday, July 30, 2021



The Lviv coach Anatolii Bezsmertnyi answered reporters' questions after the home match vs Shakhtar (0-3)

- In any game, the number one objective is not to concede any goals. We initially dealt with that. We lacked something to launch counterattacks as Shakhtar defenders sealed off our spaces well. I believe we had a good match, until the 70th minute we held out and started running upfield, offering some counterplay. At certain moments, we lacked some more focus. But the guys did a lot of work, I'm not ashamed of them. I am very grateful to them for this play, and we ended it on a low note though.


- You conceded a goal after Renan wasted his great one-on-one chance. How much did it affect your performance? Did you feel that the team realized at that moment that it wasn’t going that well?

- You see, God gave us a chance, and if Renan had fulfilled that chance and scored a goal, it wouldve been better and easier for us. That ball would’ve given us wings. It so happened: if you don't score, they score goals against you. And yet, our substitutions did not work as we would like them to, not as we expected.