We got what we wanted

Friday, July 30, 2021



In an interview with Futbol 1 channel, Shakhtar's newcomer Pedrinho shared his emotions from the game against Lvov (3-0) and the goal he scored as a sub

- Congratulations on the win! Who did you dedicate your goal to?

- My daughter who will be born soon, as well as to my wife. God grant that everything goes fine and she will be healthy and happy.


- How difficult was it to enter that kind of play from the bench?

- We knew that we were facing the uncompromising rivals and a tough clash in Lviv. We were opposed by a very well-organized team. If we had scored an early goal, it would have been easier, but this didn’t happen. However, we tried to control the play and ultimately got what we wanted.


- How much have you adapted at Shakhtar?

- I ended up in a very good team, where many of my compatriots play. Everyone is very helpful for my adaptation to end up as soon as possible. Our rapport is improving daily.