Guys have mettle and ambition

Friday, July 30, 2021



Head coach of Shakhtar U19 team Oskar Ratulutra commented on the 3-0 win over Lviv U19

- The team won this tough encounter. What can you say about the match?
- After the game, we thanked the guys since they secured a positive result with just ten men. We could have finished it in the first half but, unfortunately, we didn't convert our chances. The opponents imposed challenges and put pressure on us throughout the match. Lviv hoped for a draw even after the sending-off, but our guys coped with it, scored the second goal and began operating more confidently.
- To what extent did Bako's injury and Hulko’s sending-off change the game plan as Rosputko was absent at his position, with the opponents having a player more in midfield?
- Indeed, we made a substitution due to Bako’s injury by fielding Oleksandr Rosputko instead. Oleksandr is a smart, versatile footballer who can play both in midfield and at the back which he has repeatedly demonstrated at the training camp. We didn’t want to make many changes, therefore, I think that Rosputko did an excellent job in his role.

- Did the two goals scored by short-handed team show their mettle?
- Definitely! The guys have got mettle and ambition, they are leaders by nature and fight for their place in the squad. This resulted in victory. We should thank the whole team for this kind of victory!

- During the match, a lot of young footballers appeared on the field. How satisfied are you with their play?
- Let's hope that those are just their first steps at this level. We are pleased with how they proved themselves. It’s very good for the team that the young guys have been progressing at a higher level.