My heart is with Shakhtar forever

Wednesday, June 9, 2021



Boris Kolesnikov's statement

Dear fans,

I spent over 20 years with Shakhtar as the club’s vice-president. Over the period, we have come a long way overcoming difficulties, and we have managed to achieve a lot. We have created a team of the top European level, we have built the magnificent Donbass Arena, but most importantly, we have been able to claim multiple trophies and win the support of several generations of fans. Looking back, I can say with confidence that we rightfully have enough things to be proud of: Shakhtar being the current leader of Ukrainian football, the club which is well known all over the world, the team who are respected by rivals and loved by millions of Ukrainians.

Today, in connection with starting to work in the Ukraine is Our Home party, I announce my resignation as Shakhtar vice-president. This is a hard decision, but I make it consciously because football should not mix with politics.

I want to thank the club president Rinat Akhmetov for the opportunity to be part of Shakhtar throughout all these years. I would like to thank the club staff for their professionalism and dedication, all the players and coaches for their victories and titles, and our fans for their faith in Shakhtar, for their sincere love and invaluable support.

I am leaving my post as vice president, but I am remaining a big friend of Shakhtar and the same deep-dyed fan that I have been for decades - ever since I was a boy running to the Shakhtar stadium to cheer for my favourite team.
Today is a sad day for me, but my heart is with the club forever. I am absolutely convinced that nothing can knock Shakhtar off the winning path!

Yours respectfully,
Boris Kolesnikov