Inter vs Shakhtar: tickets and rules

Monday, November 15, 2021



On November 24, Milan will host the UCL group stage MD5 game

Inter will host Shakhtar at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. The match kicks off at 19:45 Kyiv time (18:45 CET).


Ticket sale has started selling tickets for the away match against Internazionale. A ticket is priced at EUR 20 (UAH 620). Shakhtar fans will be accommodated in the sections 311-315.


To purchase tickets, you are required to be registered at and pay for them. According to the rules, tickets must contain basic information about the fan (last name, first name, birthdate, travel passport number), so you will need to produce your travel passport at the venue.


The club staff member will contact you while purchasing tickets online. One fan can purchase no more than two tickets. After paying the price and providing all the necessary data, you will receive an e-ticket to be used for admission to the stadium.


COVID-19: special conditions


Please read the information below carefully!


Currently Italy refers Ukraine to the countries on List D, therefore the documents to be presented in order to enter Italy are the following:


I. COVID-19 Green Certificate, or equivalent certificate, certifying the completion of the vaccination cycle (only vaccine approved by EMA; certificate of recovery is not accepted).


II. A COVID-19 negative molecular or antigen swab test in the 72 hours prior to entering Italy.


III. The filled out dPLF (Passenger Locator Form) for each individual (available at


Only fans with COVID-19 EU digital certificate (or Green Pass) are allowed into the stadium, except children under 12. It is possible to verify if the EU Green Pass is valid in the Italian territory by using the application issued by the Italian Health Ministry Verifica C 19. The App is available on the App Store and Google Play.


In case it is not an EU Certificate, medical staff will assess equivalent certificate in English issued in Ukraine:


- a certificate certifying the completion of the vaccination cycle (only vaccine approved by EMA; certificate of recovery not accepted);

- a negative PCR test taken not earlier than 72 hours prior to the event or a negative antigen test taken not earlier than 48 hours prior to the event.


Other requirements:


- fans must wear masks for the entire staying inside the stadium;

- fans must remain seated;

- it is forbidden to gather in groups;

- stewards will manage access, egress, toilette and bar access;

- by law it is forbidden to smoke inside the stadium;

- on the ticket they print the name and surname of a corresponding spectator, therefore before having the tickets issued you must specify your name, surname, DoB and place of birth (if Italian citizen) or country of birth (if not Italian citizen);

- to comply with the internal rules of conduct at the home stadium and the general rules in accordance with the requirements of FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe).


The requirements may change depending on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the decisions of local authorities in Italy.


COVID19 San Siro Stadium Access Fans (5% category): procedure to be confirmed on a match by match basis


Stadium logistics


1. Access through Gate 10.

2. Visual check of the ticket with a document (travel passport) and the Green Pass QR code with a mobile device (App Verifica C 19) or equivalent vaccination certificate.

3. Following the security check, ticket will be scanned while entering through turnstiles.

4. Fans will follow a route to reach Tower 9.

5. From there they need to walk up the ramp to reach the dedicated sector (the blue section on the stadium map).

6. At the end of the match Police can ask the supporters to wait inside the dedicated section from 30 minutes to 1 hour). Afterwards, fans can use the same Tower 9 to walk down the ramp.  


You can learn more about the rules on the website of the Ministry of Health of Italy.


We look forward to your support at the Inter vs Shakhtar match!