No time to get upset

Thursday, November 25, 2021



In an interview with Shakhtar News, the goalkeeper Anatolii Trubin spoke about the Champions League away match against Inter

- What didn’t work out in the game?

- It seems to me that our biggest failure is that we failed to escape the pressure, especially in the defensive third, causing multiple dangerous chances near our goal. A wrong pass, a wrong decision ... All the same, even at 0-2 we had some chances – had we scored, it would’ve been 1-2, and we would still have had some time to claim the result we needed. But we failed to do so.


- You rescued the team on many occasions. Without you, they might have conceded many more goals.

- I don’t think so. We all do the same job. It's just that saves are better remembered, but there were a lot of situations when defenders, defensive midfielders, other players did some small things that are really important for the team, but the spectators might not notice them. We all played and deserved that kind of result.


- In the second goal situation, did Lautaro push Matviienko?

- I think so. Moreover, they have VAR, so I guess the referee deservedly disallowd that goal. He immediately unruled the goal and that was it, we immediately prepared to launch our attack.


- There were three straight 0-0 ties against Inter. Was it clear this time that the teams would take risks and definitely score some goals?

- We only needed victories in two matches – we didn’t expect and didn’t count on a different result. Therefore, of course, we risked more at certain moments.


- What happened in the dressing room?

- Everyone’s upset, but we can't sprinkle ashes on our heads. Everyone thinks they could do better. The whole team, I’m sure, could have played much better. We need to quickly switch to reality as we are professionals. The league game against Inhulets is coming soon – we’ve got no time to get sad and upset.


- What do you make of this European season? Has it provided the team with experience that can be used in the future?

- Undoubtedly. All the mistakes will serve as a major kick-start for every player. I’m sure that in the next edition of UEFA competitions we will be able to deliver better performance and better result.