Next game is the most important

Thursday, November 25, 2021



In an interview with Shakhtar News, the defender Vitao spoke about the match against Inter and Shakhtar's future goals

- What did you fail to do in the match against Inter?

- The game was well organized, but we shouldn’t forget that we were challenged by the strong opponents. We lacked the final decision while attacking. It happens in football. Now we need to raise our heads and be ready for the next match – this league game is the most important one.


- Every delivery in our penalty area was threatening ...

- Right. We are trying to work out this game element and improve it. We know that we have short players on the team, so it’s always tough during deliveries. And Inter, on the contrary, are tall and physically strong team. We’ve got some difficulties in this regard, but in the same way others have other game issues, which is normal.


- Anatolii Trubin rescued the team very often.

- Yes, Trubin is a great goalkeeper, he made many saves.


- When the European spring is already out of your reach, will you focus on the domestic league?

- We’ve got one more match against Sheriff. Although it doesn’t decide anything, we need to prove ourselves and claim a win. Again, the most important game is the next one, and it will happen this Sunday.