After 25 years, we continue dreaming

Monday, October 11, 2021



The 2020/21 report starts with address by the FC Shakhtar president Rinat Akhmetov

Dear fans, dear friends,

The year 2021 is special to me. Exactly 25 years ago, I took one of the most responsible and important decisions in my life. 25 years ago, I became the president of the Shakhtar football club.

It was then, in October 1996, that I promised to do my best to make Shakhtar better and stronger every year, so that the team win titles and trophies, gain respect in the football world, so that our fans get proud of the club. All these years, we have lived and breathed the dreams that were turning into our goals. We dreamed of having gold medals in the league and won them. We dreamed of a European trophy and won the UEFA Cup. We dreamed of the most beautiful stadium and we built the Donbass Arena. We dreamed of hearing the Champions League theme song, and now we play against the best teams in Europe every season.

Over the past 25 years, Shakhtar have won 35 trophies. For me, each of the 13 league titles is equally important, each of the 12 Ukrainian Cups, 9 Ukrainian Super Cups and, of course, the UEFA Cup. All these trophies came to us thanks to the hard work of the players and coaches, the administration and the staff of the club. And most importantly, it happened thanks to the support of our fans.

During these 25 years, we have done a lot and have covered the way that we can be proud of. Shakhtar have become the leaders of Ukrainian football, the team that is known and respected in Europe, the club that they look up to in many aspects. But our main pride will always be not awards and titles, but people. Those are our veterans who laid the foundation to the club’s glorious traditions which we value immensely. Those are many generations of footballers and coaches who gave their all for the team's victories. Those are thousands of employees who do some invisible, but so important work daily, thus contributing to the overall success. And, of course, our pride is our incredible fans. We always feel your support – in any city, in every match. This support helps us overcome every difficulty, never stop and keep moving just forward. It inspires Shakhtar to new victories and achievements!

And, you know, after 25 years we continue dreaming. Today we dream of only one thing – of returning home, to our dear and peaceful Donetsk, to our beautiful Donbass Arena. We dream of playing in front of the crowded stands again and hearing the voice of every fan. We dream of sharing the happiness of victories with you again, of rejoicing at the trophies won and enjoying spectacular football together. And I believe that these dreams, like all the previous ones, will certainly come true!
In the meantime, I can promise you that Shakhtar will continue to be the same strong and successful club. The club with great ambitions and a great will to win. The club you will be proud of!

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