We’ll try to accomplish the task

Wednesday, September 15, 2021



In an interview with Shakhtar News, the goalkeeper and captain Andriy Pyatov spoke about the upcoming start of the Champions League group stage campaign

- Many people consider Sheriff to be the group outsiders. What do you think about this team?
- When they are considered outsiders – that’s the worst thing. We don’t think so and get prepared. I personally know their coach well, I know how he played against Shakhtar - how many years we’ve spent in the league as rivals ... But nevertheless, this is a different team.

- Is the fact that Sheriff have a Ukrainian coach against whom you’ve played many times in the league, a plus for Shakhtar?
 - I think it makes no difference. Whoever they have, we still prepare with just one goal - to win every match, regardless of whether it’s Sheriff, Real Madrid or Inter. Our task is to advance from the group. We’ll try to accomplish it.