We’ve got a really strong group

Wednesday, September 15, 2021


FCSD | FC Sheriff

Sheriff head coach Yurii Vernydub told about his side’s mood while preparing for the Champions League campaign kickoff

- Everyone in our team is happy and excited to be the Champions League group stage participant. It took us a long while to achieve this, and our dream came true. We’ve got a really strong group: Real Madrid, Inter, Shakhtar. Having confidence in each of my guys, I hope that we’ll make every effort to display good football in six group stage fixtures. I am proud of the Sheriff club, that it has a chance to show its best side and at least compete with such giants. I want to repeat that we covered a long way to achieve this and, I hopefully, we’re ready.


- Shakhtar held the pre-match training session at their base in Ukraine, not in Moldova. Does this mean that the Miners don't take Sheriff very seriously?

- I don’t think so. I carefully watched the press conference of Shakhtar head coach Roberto De Zerbi. He spoke about our club in a very respectful way. They also understand that there are no weak opponents at the group stage, we are all equal at the moment. The fact that they didn’t conduct the pre-match training session here was the decision and the choice of the Miners’ head coach. Shakhtar agreed with our club to be provided with a field for training in the morning. I suppose that the Miners are also preparing very seriously. I know Shakhtar well, the team features 12 Brazilians, all the foreigners are quality players, having a high transfer value. So we’re facing a really exciting and great match against the strong opponents.


- What words will you say to your players before the match to motivate them to achieve the result?

- I won’t talk about it. I will definitely find the words to motivate the guys. When a team gets in a tournament such as the Champions League group stage, the players themselves realize where they are, with no need for additional motivation. The most important thing is to accomplish what we’ve worked out in training and will practise before the match as well. Hopefully, we can bring that all into the game. And the result ... Let's wait for the game and see who got prepared and studied the opponents better, who’s been able to win. At least I'm looking forward to the game just like the whole team because this is our first Champions League campaign. The emotions are just mind-blowing, the most important thing is to transfer them into the game and bring our plans to life on the pitch.


- Will you manage to fall asleep before your Champions League debut?

- I have practically not slept for a long time, starting from the first preliminary stage. I feel some excitement, drive, exhilaration and thoughts that don’t allow me to go to bed on time. But it's cool. I hope we can handle it. For me, the main thing is that the guys have a good rest and sleep, and then come out and give not just 100, but 120 or 130 percent of their strength. And I can somehow cope with my emotions.


- Will you lead your team in a suit? May it keep you from celebrating your success, if it happens, in your signature style?

- Definitely in a suit. The Champions League is a competition in which you need to feel the festival to the full. The appearance is about the club image, plus I guess the guys will also like it more like that. And if we win, you can be sure that I won’t spare my clothes, I will make a sliding tackle on the pitch even in a suit.