National team is a special team

Tuesday, June 14, 2022



The legend of Shakhtar and the national team of Ukraine Andriy Pyatov summed up his national team performance

- Andriy, 15 years with the national team, 102 appearances, three Euro competitions, the World Cup, a dozen of qualifying tournaments... Could you imagine this kind of journey at the beginning of your career?

- Well, I had my first match 15 years ago, but overall I’ve spent 16 years at the national team because in 2006 I participated in the World Cup for the first time. Of course, back then, as a young boy, I couldn’t even imagine that I would be playing for the national team for so many years and make more than a hundred appearances. This suggests that dreams come true in life. The main thing is to believe, work and move towards your goal, towards your dream.


- These days, fans and journalists have been recalling your national team highlights: saves, apps, victories. What events do you remember best?

- The first call-up to the national team remains in your memory for life. Of course, I remember every European Championship I attended. But the most important thing in the national team is the atmosphere of friendship, the unity which, probably, isn’t and won’t be present in any club team in the world. Because we really have got the guys who all stand for each other, with everyone respecting and always helping one another.


- You’ve got several goalkeeping records with the national team: the biggest number of apps (102), the most clean sheets (47), the longest goalless run (752 minutes). What does each of those achievements mean to you?

- Honestly, I never chased records. I suppose that if you do your best for the team to win, and the team achieve results, then records happen on their own. If you keep a clean sheet, then your team will at least not lose. This is the most important outcome. Of course, records are delighting me, but credit for them goes to the whole team. I believe that the way the guys saw me off is the response to all my achievements. Perhaps I deserved it.


- At such moments, your teamamtes or even former opponents send you some kind messages. What’s the most unusual message you’ve received these days?

- I received just a million messages and wishes. I'm pleasantly shocked, to be honest, and I’m really happy! I received many original messages. I liked the one from Wellboy who wrote in the style of Povoroznyuk: “This kind of keeper has never existed before and will never exist later!” I experienced a lot of joyful emotions, moreover we are going through the times when everyone needs a bit of some positive vibes. I want to thank everyone, to tell the fans that I love them. We all play for people, for Ukrainians, for our nation. We are all united despite all the difficulties, we will stand, win and become even stronger!