Satisfied with the game and the result

Saturday, October 1, 2022



Shakhtar U19 head coach Oskar Ratulutra on winning by and large, debutants game and the strategic importance of the result

– The impressions of the game, its quality, the moments that we created are just the best. We are very pleased that in the match with Metalist we were given a lot.

– How did the debutants – Bundash, Bashmarin and Smetana – showed themselves?
– It was noticeable that the boys were a little nervous, but this is normal for debutants. It's good that they managed to quickly tune in and show themselves as best they could. It's great that with three debutants we made it to the victory.

– Did the first goal in the 3rd minute predetermined the course of the match?
– Of course, the withdrawal in the opponent’s team also had a significant impact. As for the match: we had an unquestionable advantage, which we used, and I am satisfied with the game and the result.

– Khromei's goal turned out to be very spectacular.
– Yes, we managed an interesting attack finished by Mykhailo. However, I always say that behind every goal stand the efforts of the whole team, because the player still needs to be brought to that position.

– How difficult was it to bring the boys to a common denominator, because during the pause the players trained with the team of Igor Jovicevic, and some were in the the youth team?
– Indeed, the squad was divided, but this is not a problem for us. Our direct task is to prepare the boys for the first team and the national team, for which we work. They also train every day to get a chance to prove themselves at Shakhtar. It's great that a lot of our players got the opportunity to look at the requirements in the first team, so it will be easier for them to understand what to focus on.

– Will the victory over Metalist give confidence on the eve of a crucial game with Real in the UEFA Youth League?
– Definitely. It's great that we won, but you can't live in the past. Yes, we have achieved a result, but we must go forward – prepare for the next games, because now we are waiting for a very interesting and eventful period of the season.