Our footballers’ class is higher

Saturday, October 1, 2022



The head coach of the Shakhtar women's team Roman Zaiev commented on the victory over EMS-Podillia and assessed the start of the season in the Major League

– We expected that the game would not be easy, given the weather conditions and the state of the artificial turf field. We assumed that changing the field coverage could have had a negative impact on our game, so we asked the team to score first so that they could control the game later. I am glad that the team followed the advice and everything turned out, although it might have taken a bit of luck. However, we got the result we wanted.

– The match was before the first goal, because after the goal scored by Vykaliuk Shakhtar fully owned the initiative?
– This is not the first time I say that in women's football the first goal is very important. The team that scores first gets a psychological advantage, and so it happened. The class of our footballers is higher than in EMS-Podillia, which thing allowed us to create the game scenario that was beneficial for us.

– You applied the rotation to the goalkeeping position – Ustinova managed to make her debut in the winning match without missing out.
– We have two equivalent goalkeepers and good, healthy competition. Lyudmyla has repeatedly shown with her attitude and work that she also wants to play. She got her chance, and I'm glad she managed to use it.

– For the first time ever the match had to be stopped because of an air alarm. Do such pauses knock down the game rhythm and plans?
– We live in such realities. The safety and lives of our players are paramount things. If there are such requirements, we must and are ready to fulfill them. It is unlikely that this pause affected the course of the game, because everyone was in the same conditions.

– Are you satisfied with the start of the championship?
– It would be insincere on my part to say we are satisfied, since we counted on a different result. On the other hand, we find ourselves in the current realities of Ukrainian football, and this result reflects everything that happens in the team and football in general. We try to make fewer mistakes in every following game and demonstrate the maximum result in each match.