The victory was very important

Sunday, March 19, 2023



Head coach of Shakhtar Igor Jovicevic answered the journalists' questions at the press conference after the victorious game against Rukh

– Congratulations on the victory! What is the psychological state of the team after the defeat in the match against Feyenoord? Are you satisfied with today's game of your players? (Sport 24)
– First of all, the victory was very important today in terms of the table, in the context of the last match before the break, which is always difficult to play. I call such matches "on the move", where several or more people think about the national team, many of us have not seen our families. It is very difficult to play such matches, especially in the last period, when due to their intensity, we are simply exhausted physically and mentally. Today it was very noticeable, especially in the second half. Indeed, the guys no longer had the strength to even run, but they endured thanks to their character. We won a huge victory and important three points. Of course, such defeats and failures, so to say, like in the match against Feyenoord, help in future victories. We made conclusions, we played with a really good team, but I think such situations work for you and prepare you for the victories. In my opinion, failure is not the opposite of success, failure is a part of success. You have to fail to be successful. We perceive this situation, where the opponents were better, but the result is really good. We have come so far that we have entered the dangerous zone with good opponents. We played against the team that are currently one of the best at home stadium in Europe. We draw a line here, but the eight-month journey was good. We still have two months and 13 rounds to reach our goal. Once again, I congratulate the boys on the victory, now we are going on a well-deserved rest, and the internationals deserve to play for the national team.

– How would you comment on the performance of newcomer Gocholeishvili? (NTA TV channel)
– Today, not only Gocholeishvili, but also Kelsy played among the newcomers. Of course, we wanted to give the feeling of official game from the very beginning, the pace and the rhythm of the UPL, so that they get to know the players and adapt to our footballers, so that they will be more coordinated in the future. The eyes of both were wide and they both were nervous, but this is a normal occurrence. In the second half, we wanted to give both of them a break, because they played with heart. I think in the future these players should be helpful, because we are talking about strong-willed players. Multi-dimensional Kevin, the first goal is his goal when Mykola Matviienko scored. Kevin is a good, multi-dimensional forward who takes over the game. He is only 18 years old, so he has a great future. There are generally few such characteristics on the market: tall, fast, powerful, left-footer. And Giorgi Gocholeishvili is a strong-willed lateral who has physical abilities. Again: there is good competition with Konoplia, so it will be interesting. It is very important that everyone is ready, which is why we gave them a taste of the UPL today.

– What is the state of Marian Shved? Because he played in the Europa League, and today he was not even in the squad list. (YouTube project "Suddivkyi Bezlad")
– Sometimes the physician has to sit here instead of me and explain Shved's situation so that everyone understands, because I say that everything is fine, and the next day the situation changes and I look incompetent. Something keeps stopping him from training, and I do not know exactly what it is. As if there is nothing specific, but he feels something. We still cannot understand the situation. Unfortunately, he cannot help the team right now, and his help is significant. I remember Zubkov was injured in the first part of the championship and we played without him for a month and a half and Shved was also absent. In the game against Kryvbas, he came on the field for 10 minutes, managed to score and pass. We are talking about a good player who is absent. It bothers me. When you have such a player and cannot use him, the abilities and potential of the team decrease.