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We pay a lot of attention to analysis of mistakes

Saturday, November 18, 2023



Head coach of Shakhtar women’s team Roman Zaiev commented on the last match of the year against Ladomyr

– The game was intense, the teams did not want to lose and put a lot of effort into it. The match against Vorskla left its mark, our physical condition was not as fresh as we wanted.

– What did Shakhtar lack to win?
– Shakhtar are fast in the organisation of the game, this factor was lacking today. The players who add speed are not in great physical shape currently. Holovach and Vykaliuk skipped a certain period of time, and their speed was not enough to organise and finish counterattacks.

– Vykaliuk returned to the starting line-up. What can you say about her performance?
– Usually, a forward is distinguished by her efficiency, the statistics of shots and the number of goals scored. If we compare this with today’s result, not everything worked out as we wanted.

– Please tell us about the team’s plans.
– Now we are staying for a recovery cycle, after completing it the team will go on vacation and heal all wounds they got during the first stage. In the new year, we will get together and start preparing for upcoming matches.

– Shakhtar keep a clean sheet in the second match. Is this the result of the training sessions?
– We pay a lot of attention to analysis of mistakes. I am glad that the girls listen to the analysis and try to eliminate the mistakes, but there are things to work on.