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Shakhtar vs Ladomyr: match report

Saturday, November 18, 2023



Shakhtar women’s team tied with Ladomyr in the final match of the year

Liubov Mokhnach and Viktoriia Holovach returned to the starting line-up.

Lack of opportunities

In the first minutes, the opponents exchanged opportunities: Molodiuk’s mid-range shot was saved by the goalkeeper, and Hladun’s attempt was blocked by the defenders. The teams took turns possessing the ball and played openly, but without high intensity. Shakhtar tried to advance the ball to the final third through wing runs, while Ladomyr mostly attacked with Viktoriia Hiryn’s efforts. In the 28th minute, Molodiuk broke free and shot – over the crossbar. After a corner, Zaborovets had a great chance when pursuing rebounds, but the ball fell off her foot. At the end of the half, the Orange-and-Blacks started to control the ball in the opponent’s part of the field, and in the final minutes, Krevska found Zaborovets from the back, the latter then headed the ball to Molodiuk for a shot – the goalkeeper turned it for a corner.

Even game

The second half started with a fight for the initiative. The ball was mostly in the central part of the field, and the opponents were in no hurry to force events. In the 53rd minute, Hiryn made a direct set-piece shot, in response, Shakhtar attacked on the left wing, when Holovach dispossessed the defenders of the ball and shot from outside the penalty area into the near corner. Later, Hiryn made a dangerous bouncing mid-range shot – Klimova played reliably. In the 84th minute, after Molodiuk’s cross, the goalkeeper did not immediately fix the ball, and Yanieva did not have time to finish. Ladomyr responded with a quick attack: Hiryn sprinted from her own part of the field, broke into the penalty area of the Miners and shot into the goal – over the crossbar.

Shakhtar women’s team tied with Ladomyr in the 11th round and finished the first stage of the championship in fifth spot.

Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0 (0-0) Ladomyr Volodymyr

Klimova, Kravchuk (Maslovska, 87′), Mokhnach, Krevska, Holovach (c), Starukhina, Henyk, Molodiuk, Zaborovets (Yanieva, 67′), Lutsan, Vykaliuk