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The match was difficult, but the main thing is that we gained three points

Saturday, September 16, 2023



Shakhtar midfielder Yehor Nazaryna shared his impressions after the match against Obolon (1-0)

– Yehor, the match was difficult. How did it feel on the field? What can you say about the game?
– Indeed, the match was very difficult. We played after the international break, and it is always difficult afterwards. But the main thing is that we won today and gained three tournament points. It is very cool!

– What did the team lack for a more spectacular game and a more confident result?
– I think, first of all, it was conversion, because there were opportunities, and we could have scored much more. But it so happened that we scored only one goal.

– Before the match, you had a personal conversation with head coach Patrick van Leeuwen. What did you talk about? Maybe that you should shoot from afar more often?
– Yes, he told me to shoot at the goal when I come on as a substitute. (Laughs.) But seriously, we talked about the national team in general, the coach gave me the plan for the game. Nothing more.

– Shakhtar have the Champions League ahead. How prepared are the team for such game rhythm?
– We will see that in three days. But I am sure that the team are ready. It is always difficult to play in the Champions League after the national championship, but we will try to get a positive result.