Hiulnara Akhmedzhanova
Financial Director

She took up the post in July 2004.

Miss Akhmedzhanova started her career in 1985 in the capacity of Console Operator at Donetsk Programming & Computing Centre. Then she worked as Accountant (Merkuriy Trading House, 1994-98), Programmer Engineer (Embrol Ukraine Ltd, 1998-2002) and as Lead Economist (Interregional Industrial Union, 2002-03).

Hiulnara Akhmedzhanova started working with FC Shakhtar in July 2003 as Deputy Financial Director.

She ensures organizing and fulfillment of the club's financial management.


Hiulnara Akhmedzhanova graduated from Donetsk State University, Mathematics Faculty. She received her second degree in Management in Production and Non-Production Spheres at Donetsk State Academy of Management. Ms Akhmedzhanova underwent training at Kiev Institute of Management under German BBW programme Controlling System Implementation at Ukrainian Enterprises. She also received an MBA from MIM LINK based on the programme developed by the Open University Business School, GB.


The letter of acknowledgement from the Prime Minister of Ukraine, 2011.