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To be one of Europe’s top football clubs


The updated Shakhtar brand, being developed in collaboration with Interbrand, was introduced in 2007.


Our vision

To be the ambassador of Ukrainian football in the world, and of international football in Ukraine, ultimately driving the development of football culture in our country.

Our mission

To redefine the boundaries and standards of excellence in football.

Our values

We believe in youth as a universal source of change, ambition and achievement. We believe that youth is the time of life when talent and skills are most brightly shown. That is why we give our players and the Academy pupils the opportunity for their complete fulfilment in football and in life. We believe in our country’s youth, their growing potential, and the role football can play as a unifying, sincere, and passionate force.

Our history is a part of us, just as is our future: we are true to what we have been and what we aspire to be. We are devoted to the people who believe in us – to our fans.

Fans are the key focus, the essence, the purpose and the prime reason for our existence. For their sake the team takes the field. For their sake the team tries to win every game in every competition. FC Shakhtar highly appreciates and values their every fan.

We are not afraid of thinking big. We set the goals which others can only dream of. We always fight to the end. Team spirit leads us to victory. We do not stop at what has already been achieved, always setting new, even more ambitious goals instead.

We believe that knowledge is a source of growth and development. We write our new history by applying the knowledge and experience of the many generations of our players, our club staff and fans. We utilize the best minds in every field from all over the world.

Our brand essence

Beyond boundaries.

Our goal

To be one of Europe’s top football clubs.


The logo developed by Interbrand is multipurposeful, at the same time having many meanings. Our team name in the centre of the crest implies our club’s historical connection with the mining profession. The contrast between orange and black colours represents the balance of sunlight and shadows in the coal mines.

The past and the future of Shakhtar are closely intertwined in the logo: the foundation year and the crossed hammers reflect our tribute to the club’s history and traditions, especially to the hard mining work of Donetsk citizens. The flame at the top of the logo not only means the energy of nature confined deep in the heart of the Donbas, but also the passionate and sincere affection for the club, being intrinsic within each of our fans.

The upper part of the crest also features the national symbol of Ukraine, which is a trident. In that way the club expresses its desire not only to be a regional character, but also the pride of the country. It also features our initial – the letter ‘Ш’ (Sh) embedded in the tunnel outline of our logo.

Furthermore, the upper part of our crest displays the sunlit horizon, symbolizing the dawn of Shakhtar’s new era.

The crest’s outlines, being innovative in the football industry, expresses the club’s ambition and a clear understanding of Shakhtar’s firmly set goals. The pointed, aggressive shape also represents the renowned fighting spirit of our Shakhtar team.