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Ismaily: Braga very well play offensively

Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Shakhtar defender took part in the press conference ahead of the UEFA Europa League Last 8 game

- You are no stranger to the city of Braga. Did you meet here any of your former treammates? Did you discuss the upcoming meeting?
- This team and the city mean a lot to me, we have many things in common. Here I played and experienced a lot of good moments. Before the match I got in touch with Mauro – the footballer, with whom we used to play a lot in the past. We exchanged a few messages, got in touch via phone. We discussed the upcoming meeting.

- You scrutinised the opponents together with your team. What strengths of the Portuguese club can you highlight?
- From the videos we watched it is obvious that Braga are a technical and fast team who very well play offensively. Meanwhile, we will try to take advantage of the counter-attacking moves, to break forward, to score and win the game.

- You give many interviews, coming for the press conference for the first time. Do you feel that you are a special player in this clash?
- As soon as we were drawn against Braga, I immediately realized that all Shakhtar players and I are facing a serious game. We understand the importance of the nearest match. We will try hard and work hard.