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Mircea Lucescu: In Lviv, we are facing a tough game

Thursday, April 7, 2016



Head coach of Shakhtar reflects on the game vs Braga

- Spectacular encounter between two worthy opponents. In the first half, we well organised it defensively. By and large, Braga didn’t create anything, with the exception of a single long-range shot goalwards. Meanwhile, at the end of the first half, we capitalised on our chance following a corner kick and scored. We knew that we were playing against technical and aggressive team. We tried not to give them any open space for launching attacks. On our part, in the second half, we took advantage of the fast attacks and counterattacks as that might result in a bigger score. Braga are a good team, and I think that in Lviv, we are facing a tough game. We will try to prepare very well for the second leg and to advance further in the Europa League.

- Could you evaluate Marlos performance. On the one hand, he provided a great assist. On the other hand, instead of deciding the episodes, he was trying to roll it into the back of the net.
- Marlos played well. He is always at the fore when the team need him. I have no criticism to him.

- Today's match has shown that Shakhtar have virtually advanced to the next stage and might get complacent?
- No. We are facing a very tough game. Basically, we are playing at home, but on a neutral pitch – so that’s not our home.

- After the match, will you praise the players for the away victory, or talk about the goal conceded in the dying minutes?
- No, I congratulated the guys and shook hands with everyone.