Djavan: Taison should be feared most of all

Wednesday, April 13, 2016



Brazilian defender of Braga responded to questions from the media

- Djavan, what are your expectations ahead of tomorrow's match, and how would you assess the results of the first meeting for Braga?
- Tomorrow will be a very difficult match! Shakhtar have a big plus, since they won in Portugal. But, despite this, are still in the Europa League quarter-finals, and we’ve deserved it. Therefore, the game will be level.

- How will you set up and motivate yourself for the match? What football will Braga show to make it to the Europa League semis?
- We will turn in our very best performance . When we played against Fenerbahce, they also talked that we wouldn’t be able to make it further. But we found the strength and proved that we are able to win. Tomorrow's match, I hope, will not differ from the meeting with the Turks.

- Braga need to charge forward and attack anyway. But at the same time you mustn’t concede any goals, given that Shakhtar can play on the counter. As a defender, tell us, please, what should Braga do on the field?
- We have studied the Donetsk team players - they are fast and technical. Talking about our ddefence, we will have to drop deep as much as possible, with our attacking players charging forward - everything is logical in this case. We know that Shakhtar have top-quality and experienced performers, as we could see in Braga. Well, we’ll try to make our way - we have nothing else left to do.

- Who is the most dangerous player at Shakhtar?
- Of course, Taison! He is a player who seems to kind of probe the opponents on the pitch – that’s our impression of him. He should be feared most of all.