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Taison: Tactical systems of Braga and Shakhtar are similar

Wednesday, April 13, 2016



Ahead of the Europa League return game, the Brazilian spoke in front of the media

- You didn’t participate in the match against Stal due to muscle problems. Are you one hundred percent ready now?
- I'm ready for tomorrow's match, just like all my teammates are. In the encounter with Stal, we didn’t get the outcome which we had wanted and expected. But now the main thing is focusing on the return game against Braga and finish it with a positive result for us.

- What kind of Braga do you expect to see tomorrow on the field, given their first leg against Shakhtar and the most recent game in the Portuguese league?
- Tomorrow, we are expecting some great football. Braga are a good team with quality players on the roster. But we hope to achieve the required result.

- Taison, Braga have many Brazilians. Perhaps you know someone or met them previously in Brazil? Who of them would you like to invite to Shakhtar?
- Inviting newcomers does not depend on me at all, it's up to other people at the club to decide! I don’t know anyone from Braga.

- Experts say that the playing styles of Shakhtar and Braga are similar. Did you feel it in the first leg? And who are the favourites in tomorrow's match?
- Tactical systems of the two clubs are really similar, although the differences are multiple. Speaking about the expected result, I cannot judge it, because the ball has not rolled onto the pitch yet, with every game being a different story. And tomorrow's meeting is to reveal the outcome.

- Will Shakhtar focus on the Europa League, as the domestic league gap is big?
- At this point we will really forget about the league, because tomorrow we are playing the Europa League quarter-final. The most important thing is taking to the pitch and winning, and just then thinking about future games.

- Are Shakhtar capable of reaching the Europa League final?
- We try to do everything gradually, step by step, as it won’t work otherwise. We cannot say today that we will beat everyone and play in the final. Of course, each player and every team dream about that!