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Mircea Lucescu: From year to year, Sevilla rely on Europa League

Friday, April 15, 2016



Shakhtar head coach shared his take on the draw

- It makes no difference to me who we got in the draw at this stage. All the teams are good and very strong. Although, based on the performance we have been producing these days, it would have been more convenient for us to meet with Liverpool. It’s more difficult against the Spanish sides as they practise about the same technical football as we do. Of course, it would be more preferable to play the return leg at home, since we would have well studied the opponents’ potential by then. Usually, in the first meeting, the teams do not yet know each other well, so certain wariness is present. In the return legs, the game develops quite differently. Maybe that’s Sevillas advantage, since they will play the second match at home, in front of their fans. I want to stress that from year to year this team rely just on the Europa League. They have virtually no chance of claiming the Spanish League title, so they focus on European competitions. Let’s put t like this: Europa League is their tournament. No wonder Sevilla won it two times in a row. But we will be well prepared either! Unfortunately, between the matches against the Spaniards, we will have a difficult game against Dynamo Kyiv. Therefore it will be necessary think about the the players’ recovery, so that they get well prepared for all three encounters.