Paulo Fonseca: I'll be rooting for Shakhtar to win current Europa League edition!

Friday, April 15, 2016



Head coach of Braga answered the questions from media representatives at the post-match press conference

- Does the result reflect what was happening on the pitch?
- It's a tough result for us. In the opening 20 minutes we looked pretty good, controlled the game, but then, unfortunately, our team got somewhat slack - I don’t have another word to explain it. Today, we have been different Braga from the one we got used to be. And the result is in favour of Shakhtar is absolutely well-deserved. We, though, could have showcase more aggressive and strict football, drop deeper defensively. But the opponents have been stronger today and, no doubt, better than us.

- Braga have left the Europa League. What's next?
- To date, we have achieved a lot. The team features 14 new players, and almost everyone has never played in the Europa League group stage, not to mention the quarter-finals. In the Portuguese League, we sit in the fourth spot - that's what we planned. Besides, we’ve made it to the domestic cup final. In the Europa League, before meeting Shakhtar, we looked very good. In Lviv, we were trying to change the outcome of the first game, but we did not succeed. The season is coming to a close, and we still have a lot of interesting things ahead. We will try to prove ourselves domestically.

- Has it ever happened in your career that one player scored two own goals in one game?
- No, I can’t remember that. But I do not think you need to pay that much attention to own goals. Ricardo Ferreira is a young and very important player for us, playing his first Europa League season. He is not to blame.

- You walked with the team around Lviv before the game. Did you like the city, as well as the atmosphere at the stadium?
- I am grateful for the way they received us here, I am very happy! Beautiful, charming city with friendly and smiling people. I would add this: I can only talk about myself, but I hope that this will pass onto every player of Braga. I'll be rooting for Shakhtar to win the current Europa League edition!