Vasyl Kobin: Olimpik will fight

Saturday, April 16, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder talks about the upcoming league game

- Vasyl, because of the busy schedule, Shakhtar have little time to study the opponents. Darijo Srna aslo talked about it. Yet what information do you have about Olimpik, about their strengths?
- We watched their games – we have an idea of their performance. This year, Olimpik have not suffered a single defeat. The team are very combative, they will be fighting against us. Everyone wants to take points away from Shakhtar.

- In the most recent games, Olimpik have drawn with the teams from top five sides – Zorya and Vorskla. Through what did Donetsk achieve the result?
- They have a coach who is qualified enough and who has long been working with the team. Besides, they have retained the team core, with the newcomers well blending in the team. Probably, owing to that, Olimpik have been score points.

- Who would you highlight in the opponents’ squad?
- In recent games, Ivan Matyazh proved himself well enough, with Mohamed Moha scoring. I would also add to them the goalkeeper Zauri Makharadze, who, as it seems to me, is also in good shape at the moment.

- In the first round, Shakhtar snatched victory from Olimpik on 90 minutes (3-2)...
- Yes, in that game we were somewhat lucky to have scored in the dying minutes. I am confident that the upcoming match will also be difficult. We are expect a difficult game.

- After the first leg against Braga, Shakhtar lost important points against Stal. What should be done not to repeat the failure?
- We understand the complexity of the situation. But we still have the chances to become champions, so we will be clinging onto them until the end.