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Wellington Nem: Every competition is important to us

Tuesday, April 19, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder spoke about the preparations for the Ukrainian Cup semi-final tie first leg

- The upcoming match will be tough. Oleksandriya are in a great mood after defeating Dynamo. But we are well prepared for the game. I think we will succeed.

- You vigorously celebrated your first goal in the current Ukrainian league season. Was there a reason?
- In fact, this goal is very important to me, because I have not played and not scored goals for a long while. This goal was literally laboured. We train, practise it, but not everything always works. And when I finally manage to score – that’s a great joy! Therefore, I was celebrating it for a few days.

- Shakhtar have a busy fixture schedule. Do you feel the workload after training sessions and matches?
- Of course, we get tired, since we are just ordinary people. But Mister continuously applies rotation, changing players in the line-up, so the players who got tired have enough time for rest. That’s a positive thing for our team.

- If we prioritise competitions – Ukrainian League, Cup, Europa League – which one on top for Shakhtar?
- We should not think about that at the moment. All three events are very important for us, therefore, we strive to win each of them.