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Volodymyr Sharan: We achieve success through dedication

Wednesday, April 20, 2016



Head coach of Oleksandriya commented on the outcome of the cup first leg against Shakhtar

- I’m happy with the outcome. Most importantly, the plot thickens. The president asked me before the game to do everything possible to make the fans happy. We produced some good performance, although we failed the beginning of the encounter. Some players did not fulfil the game plan. Then we made adjustments in the second half and stepped it up physically. Basiclaly, we were level with Shakhtar. Although, of course, the opponents had more scoring chances, just as we had expected. It’s good that we drew. I’m delighted at Dedechko’s performance. Denys withstood the match pace. He is an experienced player, he just is not ready physically. But today he’s withstood it, so I'm happy not only with Dedechko, but also with the whole team. There were dedication and character present on the pitch. Owing to those qualities we achieve success, as well as thanks to the well-organised defensive performance. We would like to achieve more offensively, but we are still pleased with what we’ve got. I think the match was successful. Of course, at some points I could criticise the players for tough performance, but basically I told them at the set-up session to respect each other. I am very pleased that Shakhtar also respected us, they had the optimum line-up. After the match, the president thanked everyone. He said that we’ve played the first part, with the second still pending. We will prepare for it as thoroughly as we did for this meeting.