U21. Chornomorets vs Shakhtar: preview

Thursday, April 21, 2016



In the U21 Ukrainian League Round 23, Shakhtar will play Chornomorets Odesa away. We bring you the match announcement

April 22, Odesa, SOK Lustdorf, 14:00


The Pitmen cannot lose points now, given that in the U21 League table, the charges of Miguel Cardoso go neck and neck with Dynamo Kyiv. In the next round, the Donetsk side’s opponents are Chornomorets Odesa, who have had a succession of wins and defeats in the spring part of the league season. In the previous round, the Odesa side lost to Vorskla 0-1 in Poltava, remaining in the seventh position in the table. The Odesa team finished the past league season in the fifth spot, just behind Shakhtar.

Before the match

The game will take place on the grass field of Chornomorets training facility. Prior to that, the team of Miguel Cardosoplayed a few matches on synthetic pitch, hosting the opponents on grass for the first time this year. The meeting against Donetsk-based Olimpik was decided by the U21 League’s top scorer Andriy Boryachuk, who netted it from the penalty spot already in the 16th minute – 1-0. In the match against Chornomorets, the suspended Denys Arendaruk and yellow-carded Semen Kliuchyk.

Referee – Yuriy Hrysio (Lviv)
Assistant referees –  Vitaliy Sukhin, Dmytro Kozorezov (both from Odesa)
Fourth official – Yevhen Petrenko (Odesa)
Referee observer - Serhiy Lysenchuk (Kyiv)
The meeting against Donetsk-based Olimpik was decided by Andriy Boryachuk, who netted it from the penalty spot already in the 16th minute
Match background

The first round match between the teams in Schaslyve was incredible plot wise. Before the break, the Odessans scored two unanswered goals, but in the second half league frontrunners found the additional reserves to dramatically change the course of the game. 12 minutes after the resumption of the game, the score was already even, with Mykyta Bezuhlyi and Andriy Boryachuk getting themselves on the scoresheet. And towards the end of the meeting, another central defender of Shakhtar Taras Kacharaba got in the right place while playing a set piece to make it 3-2. It was Shakhtar’s comeback win. Last season, the matches against Chornomorets were also tough for the Pitmen. In Odesa, there was no winner (0-0), while in Poltava the charges of Miguel Cardoso claimed a hard-fought win (2-1).
Towards the end of the meeting, сentral defender of Shakhtar Taras Kacharaba got in the right place while playing a set piece
Interesting facts

A leader of the scoring race, Shakhtar forward Andriy Boryachuk chalked up 19 goals this season, being absolutely the best result in the history of the U21 Ukrainian League, being 21 goals scored in one season.

Chornomorets top scorer is Mikhail Popov (8 goals), with the Odesa side having the fourth result in the current season.

At the start of the league season, the reserve team of Chornomorets claimed a 3-2 home win against Dynamo. In the next round, the Pitmen are to take on Kyiv in Schaslyve.

In the 2012/13 season, the referee Yuriy Hrysio officiated at the game Chornomorets vs Shakhtar in Odesa, which ended in a 4-0 draw in favour of Donetsk. Besides, this season, Hrysio refereed the Premier League game between Shakhtar and Chornomorets in Lviv (2-0).