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Serhiy Kryvtsov: I’d highlight Kalitvintsev and Korkishko at Chornomorets

Friday, April 22, 2016



Shakhtar defender speaks about the upcoming league match

- Serhiy, what kind of performance do you expect from Odesa?
- Tough one. Though their squad feature many youngsters, they are the top players. Many of them graduated from Dynamo Kyiv academy, willing to prove that they deserve to occupy a higher spot in the standings. Besides, Shakhtar is a good stimulus for all teams. The opponents are always motivated for the games against them.

- Given the busy fixture schedule, how do you feel physically?
- We’ve got the strength, despite a great number of encounters and flights. It’s not so long before the end of the season, we have to stand the next three weeks, produce the best result and then have some rest.

- Won’t you get complacent due to the fact that Chornomorets follow Metalist in terms of the number of goals conceded?
- No, we won’t. The Odessans will certainly operate defensively. We need to stick to our own tactics, shatter the opposition defence and then score, and take the game under control.

- Do you expect the game to develop in the same vein as it did in the first half of the season?
- Yes, I think so. Chornomorets prefer to play on the counter. The rest will become clear on the field.

- In Odesa, Shakhtar always enjoy great support. How do you think will the crowd preferences distribute this time?
- Of course, Odesa locals will support their club more. But they also like us there. In neutral games, Shakhtar are always well supported in the city. We will try to thank the fans with our quality performance.

- Who do you consider the most dangerous player at Chornomorets?
- It's hard to single anyone out. I could just mention that Kalitvintsev and Korkishko are strong performers. They boast great shots and superb individual skill.