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Andriy Pyatov: We want to reach the final

Monday, April 25, 2016



Shakhtar goalkeeper talks about the upcoming UEFA Europa League meeting

- Andriy, the team have focused on preparing for the match against Sevilla. Will you deploy all your forces against them?
- This relates to our every encounter, no matter who we play against. Especially in the semi-finals! We want to reach the final.

- You did not participate in the previous game against Sevilla, but perhaps you remember the goal by Palop...
- That’s history now. Current Sevilla don’t have anyone left from that squad, and we have just few players who participated in the games back then. Therefore, discussing them no longer makes sense.

- Does the name Palop mean anything to you?
- For me, he's just a goalkeeper. And that’s all! He did much for Sevilla, helped the team and made a great career. Palop deserves every respect.

- Bookmakers and experts believe that Sevilla are the favourites. Do you agree?
- So much better for us. Let them think so! Our job is taking the field and playing.

- What’s Sevilla’s dangerous side?
- We’ve started to scrutinise their game just yesterday, today we will continue doing that.

- Surely, you still know one of their players.
- Of course I do, as we come from the same place! (Laughs.)

- Will it be a meeting of rivals or Ukraine teammates?
- As they say, there are no friends on the pitch. Sevilla have their objectives, we’ve got our own. We will go out for the match, there will be fighting and will to win, so the field will reveal everything. And beyond it, we, of course, will give each other a hug and talk.