Ismaily: My father infected me with football

Thursday, April 28, 2016



The latest issue of the online club magazine is out now. Its centrepiece is an interview by Shakhtar defender Ismaily. We bring you some excerpts from that conversation

- There is a strong opinion that every Brazilian footballer has relatives who used to play or still play football. Can this statement be attributed to you either?
- Yes, my father played football! But he wasn’t  a big professional, he played within the area. By the way, I am the eldest child in the family, with my 15-year-old brother aspiring to become a professional footballer.

- Are your father and brother also left-handed?
- No, they're just right-handers. (Laughs.)

- What does your name mean - Ismaily?
- At a young age my father was watching some American movie. Its main character’s name was Ismaily. He liked the character very much. I also find it interesting, but after many years I still can’t find that movie, though I tried many times.

- Did you have any other hobbies besides football in your childhood?
- Since childhood, my father has infected me with football, he brought me to all sorts of games and told me to literally absorb the game. Oh, and another thing was fishing! (Points to the photo in his personal photo archive.) That’s Pintado fish, the largest I’ve ever caught.

Read the full version of the interview in the online publication, which can be downloaded for free right now.