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Fonseca: We have not reached our goal

Thursday, August 4, 2016



Post-match press conference of Shakhtar head coach Paulo Fonseca

– First of all, I want to congratulate Young Boys. We are very upset. It's a shame that we have not managed to qualify for the next round, because one of our main goals was to reach the Champions League group stage. Talking about the game, we dominated most of the match. In the first half, the opponents were waiting for us to make a mistake. The start of the second half was the same. Until the first goal we had two clear chances, which we could have realized. Then, having three moments, our opponents managed to score two goals. Subsequently, Marlos and Seleznov could decide the outcome of this match. But we did not take advantage of the opportunities. We've had plenty of them, both in the first and second half. Unfortunately, we failed to turn them into goals. We're all upset, we wanted to advance. Before you ask any questions, I would like to say, that I alone am responsible for everything that happened today. And I am the one to be asked for it.
– Kubo scored two goals, Fred did not score from the penalty spot. Both players were to go to the Olympics. Is that a coincidence?
– To be honest, I do not know how to answer it. Fred stayed to help us, he is an important part of the team. Today, it so happened that he did not score the penalty shot. But he is a good, professional player. I can only defend my players, because they deserve it.

 The opponents netted two similar goals. Both attacks were from the flank of Darijo Srna. Why did this happen?
– There is no reason to look into it. I repeat that I am responsible for everything that happened in this match. I cannot say that the team lacked commitment, on the contrary, they have given it their best. At the same time, everyone understands that if we conceded, then we did something wrong.  

 On Friday, you will learn your rival in the Europa League. What are your plans for this tournament?
– We have not given it much thought. If you are in Shakhtar, you need to think about winning no matter what your rivals are.

 Will it be easier building a new team in the Europa League, where there is less responsibility?
– Both tournaments are very difficult. But the one thing we cannot escape is that we were wrong today. I think we need to talk about the latest match, and not whether it will be easier or harder in the future. We have to be completely honest with you and ourselves, so I will repeat we made a mistake this time. We have to understand this and take responsibility. We all have to admit that we have not reached our goal.

 Has the artificial turf field affected the game?
– I have already said that I am not looking for any excuses. Especially when we lose. Synthetic field is not the reason for our defeat. There is only one person responsible, and that is me. I am the one responsible for today's defeat.