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Hutter: We had to take risks

Thursday, August 4, 2016



Head coach of Young Boys reflects on the game vs Shakhtar

- You’ve won today. Did you feel the fans’ support?
- This is a really special day for Young Boys. We managed to make the impossible possible. Of course, we felt the support of all the spectators, who attended the match. Shakhtar were strong enough tactically, but I am really happy that we’ve managed to win today.

- Was it anything special for you that Kubo did not go to the Olympics?
- We are very pleased that Kubo stayed in our team squad for now. Today we really have done the impossible. In the second half, we tried to take the game under control. During the match, we had to take risks. And all this story was fulfilled owing to Kubo among other things, who gave his all both tactically and emotionally, and physically.

- What could mean those exclamations that you have celebrated today's victory with?
- I, as a coach, am very delighted at the fact that we managed to beat a top-notch side. We will make every effort and try to win the following games. At the same time, it is important to maintain a balance between the domestic encounters and the European competition fixtures. We will try to play to the same standard as we did today, and as early as this coming Saturday we are facing Thun.

- This recent weekend, you lost to Lugano. What should you do to prevent the same outcome against Thun?
- In recent weeks, the players have practically had no days off. We will try to give them a day off, which they could spend with their families to gain mental and physical strength.

- You’ve succeeded with an incredible comeback today. What was key in this match, which helped you to win it and advance further? And second, last week you had your deal with the club extended. Maybe after today's game you will have your contract extended again?
- I'll start with the second question. About the contract ... With Kubo? Of course, he is a very talented and promising player, but this is only up to the club’s sporting director to decide. As for the winning formula, I think, Shakhtar were somewhat too confident of their winning before the match in Bern. While Young Boys believed in their victory. And we can’t underestimate the support that we had from the audience.

- But the question was about your deal extended, not Kubo’s. Maybe now it will be extended for an even longer period of time? Maybe they will offer you a permanent contract?
- I am glad and proud of the fact that my contract was extended. This was done early just because we produce the results. And, unfortunately, I do not know what a permanent deal is like.

- You are saying that you enjoyed a great support today. However, the 32-thousand capacity ground saw just about 9,000 spectators. Don’t you feel hurt that such a victory was witnessed by so few people?
- Of course, it’s a pity that only about 9,000 spectators were present given the capacity figure. The game was very emotional. Just understand that those are still a little bit different things – sitting in front of your TV and at the pitch side. Of course, we are responsible for the fact that not so many fans attend the clash of international level. And we will try to improve this situation.