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Sharan: We lacked the skill

Sunday, August 7, 2016



Oleksandriya's head coach reflects on the match against the Donetsk team

– Congratulations to Shakhtar on their anticipated victory. I think that the coach, first and foremost, has to realistically consider the capabilities of his players, and the team as a whole, when planning for a game against such teams as the Pitmen. Of course, the opponents have completely dominated the field, while we were trying to close off zones, and, in general, it worked. Although, Shakhtar had enough chances to score a second and third goal. Our task was to play well in defence. We conceded a lot in previous games. And today, we could have even managed a draw in the end. In football, anything can happen, but we lacked the skill in the final stages of the attack.

 After the Europa League matches, your team demonstraed a very decent game. What prevented you from earning points?
– You could see yourself that today we could not switch from defence to attack. There were a lot of mistakes. This is, of course, related to the fact that Banada, Yaremchuk and Ponomar were tired and not in their optimal physical condition. The play was not fresh, and that's why it did not work. But the problem here is, first of all, lack of skill. We had opportunities to go forward, but made silly mistakes and then had to switch to defence.