Kovalenko: Karpaty will put up a fight

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



The Pitmen's midfielder talks about the preparations for the match of the 4th round of the Ukrainian Premier League

– The Lviv team has rejuvenated. What can you say about Karpaty's play?
– They got a new coach. I think that Karpaty has big tasks set for them, so they will put up a fight and try to play their own game.

– Most of the spectators will be rooting for the Lviv team. Does that bother you?
– No, we have grown accustomed to it. We know that Karpaty will have good support. You could say that this will be a test before Istanbul Basaksehir for us.

– How do you like the new tactical scheme? Are you getting more into it with every game?
– Yes. Over time we have got used to it and implement it more and more often.

– Has the team got over the defeat in the Champions League?
– It was a serious blow to all of us. But now we will try to win every match and advance as far as possible in the Europa League.

– There are rumours that Inter Milan has shown interest in your regard. Have you heard about this?
– Yes, I have. I read about it. But these are rumours, nothing more.

– How much has the training process changed with Paulo Fonseca?
– We have more playing sessions, ball work, and more tactical exercises.