Fonseca: We had a great second half

Friday, August 12, 2016



Shakhtar head coach shared his view of the match against Karpaty

– It was a very difficult match against strong opponents. In the first half, Karpaty were much more active than we were. We lacked the right conduct, which came to us in the second half. During the half-time me and the players talked and decided that we need to play faster and more aggressively. I think that we had a great second half.

– The second half has shown that you can truly be a team whose joy after the third goal showed that you are a single unit. How did you manage to become one?
– The team are united and believe that we can win only together. I've never seen Shakhtar not being a united family. I think this is the only way for us to win and move forward.

– What exactly did you say to the players at half-time for the game to change that much? And what did you talk about after the match?
– I told the guys that if we act the same way as we did in the first half, we cannot change the result. I said: if you play a simple game, it will not work, you need to be much faster and more aggressive. In the second half the players showed it. I am very happy.

– Why isn't Facundo Ferreyra playing? He showed good football in the spring and was a starting striker?
– This is my choice for now.

– Can you single out someone from Karpaty Lviv?
– To be honest, I don't really like to talk about the opponents' players. Karpaty's coach should analyse this. I can say in general that this they are very strong team with high quality players. They demonstrate beautiful football.

– The first half showed that your defenders did not demonstrate a confident game when you conceded the goals. You have the Europa League ahead of you. Will you have some kind of talk with the players?
– We always do. We analyse each and every game we play. I think in the first half, the problem was not only with the defenders, but overall - with the whole team. Not only was the defence poor, but the whole team in general. It is not always related to positioning - we simply lacked aggressiveness.

– Today the stadium was very clearly supporting Karpaty, and in a week you will take on Dnipro at the Arena Lviv. Do you count on any support?
– It is obvious that there were a lot more Karpaty fans here today. Regardless of whether we have a home or away match, it is always very important for us that many people attend. I'll be honest: I did not feel that Karpaty fans were rooting against us. They were just doing their job, supporting their team, and this is absolutely understandable. That is why at the end of the match we went to the centre of the field, and thanked all the people who came to watch the game. No matter what club fans come to the Arena Lviv, I hope that when we hold the match of the Europa League here, there will also be a lot of people who support the Ukrainian team.

– Do you know who the Lviv fans supported during the previous Shakhtar vs Dnipro match?
– To be honest, I have not watched these games yet. When we start analysing Dnipro, I will be able to answer your question.
– Are you satisfied with Seleznov?
– I am satisfied with my players. Absolutely all the players, including Seleznov. Perhaps he is not in his best shape yet, but he appeared on the field and he tried hard, and I always value this. Sometimes matches are not going well for some players. But what really makes the coach happy is when a player tries hard. And Ievgen was devoted, he played, and for that I am grateful to him. And the team also did not play very well in the first half! My opinion is that when we lose, everyone loses, and first of all me. When we win - we are all winners. And there is no need to look for a guilty party in such situations. It is clear that we need to analyse this game to see which positions had problems and made mistakes, and we will discuss it together.