Zaitsev: We ran out of time

Friday, August 12, 2016



Post-match press conference of the Karpaty interim head coach Serhii Zaitsev

– We could have had better impressions regarding the game if it had ended with a different score. But we are to blame here. We are not that good to afford wasting scoring opportunities with teams like this. We conceded an early goal in the second half. On the whole it affected the outcome of the match.

– Did you expect Shakhtar to play at half strength today?
– Why do you believe that Shakhtar played at half strength? Do tell me, please? Maybe we played a little better, stronger? 

– Yes, but why did your team stop?
– Why did they stop? If you know football, you will understand. We conceded an early goal... This is Shakhtar! Did you count how many national team players they have? And how many kids do we have playing? It just happened. Let's put it this way - we did not lose, we just ran out of time. It is evident that I am not the coach of Shakhtar. Thank you.