Andriy Pyatov: We must get into the group stage

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



Shakhtar goalkeeper took part in the pre-match press conference on the eve of the Pitmen's Europa League match

 How did your game transform with the changes of the team's actions in defence? 
– We have virtually everything different now, we are showing different football. Of course, we still concede goals, which means that we have not completely understood all that is asked of us. The main thing is that we see the point and Shakhtar's future in this work. When we make it automatic behaviour, everything will be alright. My role is also changing. Every coach has his own vision and requirements for the players. Everything has changed, but I am not going to talk about it. 

– Is it hard finding motivation in the Europa League after the Champions League?
– Any tournament is important for us. We did not manage to get into the Champions League, but we understand that we are the only ones to blame. Our club cannot do without European tournaments, so we must get into the group stage of the Europa League - this is the main goal now. 

 In 2009, you confidently beat Sivasspor. There are pleasant associations in this regard. What premonitions do you before the match?
– I have no premonitions. But you could say that Turkey is our second home: we have been here many times during the pre-seasons. Everything has always gone great for us in this country. However, that does not mean that we will definitely achieve good results. We need to make every effort to win. 

 You said that Turkey is like your second home. How many times have you been to Istanbul?
– We have mostly been to Antalya. I have been to Istanbul three or four times. Other guys came here more often, while the rest were with their national teams. We are joking that we could have become the champions of Turkey, and the best would be Vasyl Kobin! He appeared in one hundred percent of the games with Turkish teams.