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Epureanu: We got the strongest opponents possible

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



At the pre-match press conference, Istanbul Basaksehir defender Alexandru Epureanu answered reporter's questions

– What was your reaction when you learned that Shakhtar will be your opponents?
– Before the draw we knew that we would get one of the six teams. And among them, the Donetsk club were the most formidable opponents. In the end, that's what happened: we are to take on one of the strongest teams in the post-Soviet countries, which has a lot of experience playing in the Champions League. At the same time the Pitmen won the UEFA Cup, which once again underlines the strength of our opponents. But we will not give up too soon, and I hope that tomorrow will be a good day, and we'll be able to show a worthy game and win. 
– What result will suit Istanbul Basaksehir in the home game?
– Basically, any result but a loss. It is very important for us not to lose, since the team advance to the next round on aggregate. And if we play well at home, we will have a good chance of ultimate success. 

– As a defender, can you single out a Pitmen's player, who should be feared the most?
– No. Who can you single out? All the players of Shakhtar are very skilled and can achieve results. I watched the Donetsk team's matches in European competitions, and in the Ukrainian Premier League, so I can say that we are up against very difficult opponents that will be extremely difficult to play.  

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