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Avci: This is a great experience for us

Friday, August 19, 2016



Basaksehir Istanbul's coach reflects on the match against Shakhtar

– We allowed the defenders to build the game on their own. We did not pressure them. We had a plan to hold the centre-field closed, and to put pressure closer to the goal. The opponents' line-up includes very mobile and active players. We had to block their crossing. For six or seven minutes of the game everything went according to our plan, but then Shakhtar began advancing. As you have seen, we conceded the first goal after a set play. Then the game went completely different to our vision. We found it difficult to lead an active struggle. In the second half we also tried to maintain control over the centre-field, to block the opponents. This match is a great experience for our team, since we were confronted by a club which played in the Champions League for the past six consecutive years. We respect Shakhtar and congratulate them on their victory. And now it's time to turn this page. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new stage. At the end of the week we will hold another match, and we will carefully prepare for it. 

 Today, young Cengiz Under and experienced Emre Belözoğlu played alongside. How will you work with these players in the future?
– First of all, we must thank Emre. He is the player who has the most appearances in international matches. This is the level of professional international football. People like Emre and the others set the tone for the match. Cengiz has not played in European competitions before. He's only 18 years old. I hope we will support this very promising player in the future to ensure that he plays in many more games at a high level.

 What is the state of Mehmet Batdal's health?  
– At the moment he is under medical supervision. Currently there is no definitive information as to whether he will be able to appear on the field at the end of the week. The last word belongs to the doctors. 

 How do you plan to win in the second leg?
– In the next 12 days we will hold several games. We must strive for a win in each one. We will try to draw the right conclusions and improve the quality of the game. If we advance in the Europa League, it will be a great joy, if not - we will learn a good lesson from the games. 

 If you knew in advance, how the game would pan out, what would you change in the actions of your team?
– We have not had any problems analyzing the opponents before the match. We thought everything out properly. We had problems with conversion. I believe that we did not play firmly enough. This is a negative side of our game today. We need to work hard to make sure that everything is good.