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Fonseca: We left no chance to the opponents

Sunday, August 21, 2016



Press conference of the Shakhtar head coach after the match with Dnipro

– We had an excellent game and win. But the rhythm was not always good, though. After we scored the second goal, we slightly lowered the tempo, which is absolutely normal, since the team held a match three days ago. In the second half we were able to improve the game and continued to create chances. We did not leave a chance for the opponents, especially in counterattacks. I think it's a well-deserved victory against a team that will add in the future. Dnipro also likes to possess the ball, as we do, and dominate the game. I think that this fact makes Shakhtar's win even more valuable.
– Today the Pitmen once again played with one centre-forward. Previously, this was the format favoured by Mircea Lucescu. Under what conditions will you go back to the 4-4-2 formation, which you practised in the pre-season and first official matches?
– We are holding a fourth or fifth game using this formation. On the whole, the team shows itself pretty good. It is clear that we can go back to 4-4-2 any time. Eduardo and Facundo appeared in today's match. If need be to act differently, we will certainly do so. The way the team plays, the dynamics are much more important than any scheme. Because most of the time the scheme is just some sketches before the match that we are about to start. But then everything can change.

– Today Shakhtar held its fourth match under your leadership at the Arena Lviv. The team live and train in Kyiv while they play in Lviv. Does it tire you, does it affect your work?
– I knew that this is how it would be when I came to the team. We were all ready for this. For us taking a plane is the same thing as driving a car every day. We simply have no choice: this is how we play and live. This will never, in no case will be an excuse for our team. We can look at it another way: we have more opportunities to travel, to visit different cities, to spend more time together. I think it's not a bad thing.

– At the beginning of the second half, you had, what seemed as a heated discussion with the fourth official. What happened?
– It is a common situation that can happen during the match. As you know, sometimes the game gets heated. It was an emotional conversation. With no fighting or aggression. It happens during a game.

– You said they were satisfied with the team's game. Is this a peak form or are there still some reserves?
– We are at the very beginning. I think it is clear that the guys are adding. We hold pretty good matches and show beautiful attacking football. Nevertheless, we have elements where we can progress and improve. You need to understand that in the team had big changes and we have not been together for long. So I am confident that we will add and grow.

– Today, Maksym Malyshev returned into the starting line-up. Has he completed all the scope of work that you expected from him?
– Yes, Max showed himself well. I think that he had a great game. He showed what I wanted. It is obvious that there is much competition in this position: Fred and Stepanenko. Everyone understands this. But Malyshev came out onto the field today, and showed himself very reasonably.