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Mikhailenko: Today was Shakhtar's day

Sunday, August 21, 2016



Post-match press conference of Dnipro's interim head coach Dmytro Mikhailenko

– In preparation for today's game did you pay attention to the way Shakhtar performs set plays? How well did you do it, given the first two goals?
– We prepared, analysed, and knew that Srna and Rakitskyy join the attacks. But we did not see to it, we had problems with concentration. We have defenders who may be lacking height and strength. If they are compensating this shortcomings through focus and attentiveness, the players of the offensive third playing in their own penalty area lack both the strength and attentiveness. This error led to the first and second conceded goals.   

– Dnipro has not lost to Shakhtar in the Ukrainian Premier League since September 2012. What happened today?
– Today was Shakhtar's day, but we need to face the truth: comparing the Dnipro of 2012-2016 to today's is probably not fair. The team have changed, as opposed to Shakhtar. We knew that it would be hard today and we were expecting it. Of course, the score is upsetting, but perhaps this is due to the two early goals, after which it was hard to get back into the game. There was a moment when Dovbik could cancel out one goal. But we did not scored and instead conceded after a goalkeeper's mistake. Another goal and the score becomes overwhelming. 

– According to fellow journalists, Dnipro played weaker today than against Dynamo. Could you compare the matches with these top teams?
– As a rule, matches with the top clubs go on until a conceded goal. If the game's favourite scores, especially an early goal, it subsequently becomes very difficult to play. The opponent plays in the savings mode, especially after the European tournament game, and acts according to the situation. Shakhtar gave a tow goal head start to Karpaty, and then turned on the turbo mode in the second half, scoring three goals. Today we missed two goals in one minute. I think after that the game was done. No matter how hard we tried to create opportunities, we couldn't. The difference between the two teams - Shakhtar and Dynamo - and the rest is very big. Perhaps it all depends on the mood, on some little things. Today we completely lost in details: attention, concentration, and maybe luck. 

– Are you implying that Dnipro is not what they were a year ago? When can we expect strengthening?
– We cannot declare new players. We accept the situation since it will not change any time soon. We need to work with the players we have, develop them, add in every game, gain experience and become stronger.