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Verniaiev: I dream of coming back to the Donbass Arena

Tuesday, August 23, 2016



Rio 2016 Olympic champion Oleg Verniaiev visited the Pitmen's morning training session

The gymnast, who won two medals for Ukraine - gold and silver - came to the Sviatoshin base on the invitation of Andriy Pyatov.

– Orange-and-Black's goalkeeper says regarding how he met the Olympian. - After Oleg won the gold, I wrote to him and congratulated him on his victory. I did not think that he would reply. However, we talked, and having learned that he is a fan of Shakhtar I invited him to a training session.

At the end of session the players and the coaching staff congratulated Oleg Verniaiev with the achievements at the Olympics. Paulo Fonseca addressed the athlete on behalf of the team, and we took a picture together.

– I am pleased to respond to the offer to come to the training session and get to know the guys, - Oleg Verniaiev says. - I have long wanted to visit their training, to witness the process and talk to the players. It's a shame since we are all from Donetsk and we could not meet. I have been a Shakhtar fan since childhood. Actually, I have one dream - to return to the Donbass Arena and once again watch the game of my favourite team on that magnificent stadium. I want to wish the guys to keep collected and achieve victory in all competitions.