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Taison: I'm thinking only about the club matches now

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



The Pitmen's midfielder answered the journalists' questions on the eve of the return match with Istanbul Basaksehir

 Taison, in connection with you being summoned to the Brazil national team have the thought about that overshadowed your aims in Shakhtar?
– No, they have not. Before the national team I still have a compromise with the club - two upcoming matches: one in the Europa League and one the Ukrainian Premier League.

– How difficult was the choice between Brazil and Ukraine for you? How will the call to Selecao will be reflect on your future game?
– First of all I would like to thank the Ukrainian national team for the offer. I am very happy now because of the fact that I was called up to the Brazil national team. I want to thank absolutely all the people who worked with me. It is hard to keep my emotions in check, but I'll say it again, I am now focused on the two upcoming important matches of the club. I will think only about them.

– With the arrival of Paulo to Shakhtar there came a tradition to gather in the centre of the field at the end of the game and thank the fans. What do you think about it?
– Of course I like it. We simply have to say thanks to those who came to support us. Mister Fonseca does everything right. Even at the away games we go to the centre of the field and thank the fans. Their support means a lot to us.

 Does this unite the team?
– We are all united. Our team are not divided into those who play, those who sit on the bench, and those who are injured. We always try to communicate and support each other. It is very important for any team.