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Fonseca: We deserved this win

Friday, August 26, 2016



Shakhtar head coach reflects on the second leg match with Istanbul Basaksehir

– It's a good win in the game, where we created good chances. We had more scoring opportunities. We also played well in defence. In the first half, we may have lacked speed. Plus, the opponents were rather closed in the first half. Nevertheless, we deserved this win today. We created a lot of scoring chances and could have scored more.

– What kind of opponents do you want in the group stage: strong or weak? Perhaps you would like to meet some specific teams. And what are Shakhtar' ambitions in the Europa League in general?
– Our ambition is to advance as far as possible. Shakhtar always play to win, regardless of the opponents. Honestly, I have not really thought a lot about the draw. In two days we have an important league match, and all my thoughts are focused on it. We cannot control the draw, so we will play whoever we get.

– Can you explain what happened after the match: there was a misunderstanding and a conflict between Srna and Stepanenko, and then your talk with Taras in a raised voice. What happened?
– Nothing special happened. We just discussed one moment, which occurred just at the end of the game.

– Which moment?
– We talked about the moment that happened in the last seconds of the match. Like I said, nothing special.

– You absolutely deserved the win in both matches, but out of four goals, one was a penalty shot and two own goals. Are you worried about such a low conversion of the chances?
– Of course, I would be a hundred times happier, if we converted all the chances we had created. It is obvious that the players want to score. And when they cannot use their chances, it's not on purpose. I would be more worried if we did not create any chances at all. We care creating them, in every games and a lot of them.

– In the group stage of the Europa League there will be three Turkish teams, Konyaspor, Fenerbahce and Osmanlıspor. What do you think about it?
– Based on what I know about Turkish football, they have a strong league in this country. And the fact that there are still three teams left in the Europa League, shows their quality.

– We have seen Shakhtar in two European tournament matches. Are you satisfied with this team? Or will you experiment with the line-up and formations to advance as far as possible in the Europa League?
– I'm happy, of course. Two wins, why should I not be happy? Note that we did not play against a weak team. A few days ago, Istanbul Basaksehir beat Fenerbahce, which confirms their level. Overall, I am pleased with the football we showed.

– Would you like to encounter Braga in the Europa League?
– As I have already said about the draw - I have not even thought about it. Certainly, a visit to Portugal is always nice. But honestly, I would not really like to meet with Braga - simply because of my inner feelings. In the end I want to thank everyone who came to the stadium today, all the fans who supported us today. This support was very important to us.