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Gall: We counted on set plays and counterattacks

Sunday, August 28, 2016



Post-match press conference of the Stal head coach Joop Gall

- We have chosen the same tactics we used against Dynamo, because if you play attacking football against a strong team, you will create problems for yourself. Dnipro demonstrated this in the last match with Shakhtar and, therefore, conceded a lot of goals. I was hoping to build the game so as to not let the Donetsk team score. We also counted on set plays and counterattacks. We should not be ashamed of it, because the difference in the quality of players is huge. But a team spirit can do wonders. It is not necessary to have the best players in the line-up, but it is important to have a good team. As they say, when you act defensively against strong opponents, they are sure to score at least once. I had hoped, and there is a lot of evidence in football that the Pitmen will not score, hoping to achieve a positive result. But a quality goal by Shakhtar decided the game. After that I substituted Ishchenko, leaving three defenders, and added a striker to the attack. We went all in, and could lose 0-2, but in this case it made no difference - it's only zero points. We could have gotten a draw. Unfortunately, this did not happen, although I really liked the game. I liked how the team worked, the way they were dedicated. I think that it will be hard for the rest of our rivals and we will gain points. The only thing is that in the last round, we had created a lot of chances and did not score. This problem cost us points. For us, the European tournament games turned into a very difficult period. The next opponents are also participants of the League of Europe, but I hope that we will take the three points. Thank you!